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Welcome to Alcock and Dicks Trading Company (USA). I am Bob Alcock, artist, musician, filmmaker, and co-founder of Alcock and Dicks Trading Company which I founded with my partner, Dick Pope, in 1974. Collectively, at one time, we had probably the largest collection of 60s posters in Europe.

Rick GriffinIn 1976 we produced our friend, Rick Griffin’s, hugely successful London show at London’s Roundhouse which was a highlight of the British rock art scene in 1976. Attended by London’s glitterati and a host of rock and art critics, it became a must-see event and a landmark in London’s rock art scene. Transported back to the height of the psychedelic era, mesmerised by the work and presence of the great artist, and bathed in Grateful Dead sounds set against a fluid light show backdrop. Scheduled to run from the 11th of August until the 21st, the show eventually ran for three weeks, with people regularly queuing for admission. The exhibition met with critical acclaim and subsequently went to Sunderland, in the North East of England. The show then moved for a month to Amsterdam’s Milkveg before returning to England.

Rick preparing artRick produced a poster for the Roundhouse show, and we brought Rick over to personally supervise the printing of “The European Limited Edition” of four of his posters, Aoxomoxoa, Quicksilver, Can-a-blis and Hog Farm, Rick oversaw the printing process, using quality inks and high grade paper, by James Howeth of Bristol, England, considered by many to be the finest lithographic printers of the day. 12,000 Limited Edition posters were printed (3,000 of each) Rick signed the first 100 copies of each poster. Over the years, most of the Limited Edition were sold. We are now offering in limited numbers the remaining posters from the show on a first come first serve basis.

Here is an excerpt about the Roundhouse show as stated in the show’s programme:

“It seems very appropriate that this show should take place 10 years after the Summer of 1966, the year when it really happened in San Francisco. That year saw the Trips Festival, the first (and best) Avalon Ballroom dances, the emergence of some of the best bands of the last decade and the start of the most important side issue of the whole era……posters. 1966 saw the arrival of weekly dances and gave an initially small group of artists and would-be artists the chance of regular work with almost total control over their productions. Most of these artists became well known in their own right but none more so than Rick Griffin. Griffin’s work has come to stand visually for all that was original and inspired in the spirit that lay behind what was happening in California at that time. Born 31 years ago in Los Angeles his earliest and most enduring passion is surfing and he has been contributing to “Surfer Magazine” for 18 years. Another early interest was Hot Rod cars and motor cycles and their decoration was amongst his earliest professional work. By early 1966 he had been tempted by what was happening in San Francisco, moved there, and joined this small group of artists producing posters for the Avalon Ballroom. Rock posters, and indeed posters for films and events, by no means form his entire output. He has worked in other areas, notably in the design of record covers and as a contributor to early ‘underground comix’, especially the legendary “Zap”. Griffin is the great stylist of San Francisco. His technical mastery of the medium, unparalled by others, and his variety of styles, always unmistakable, have made his work an essential part of contemporary San Franciscan culture. His output has never been large, and this show puts together virtually all of it including unpublished work, providing the first opportunity to compare his various styles and influences, and giving one man’s rare insight of this unique era.”


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